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Music in the Park

Music in the Park



If you purchased a Baseball/Softball fundraiser ticket, they are VOID.
Because of the pandemic, we were unable to sell them.
The person you purchased from or the head of baseball will be in touch to return your money.
Thank you.

Carrolltown Park


Carrolltown Park





Carrolltown Park Memory Of Swings 

We now have "In Memory Of" swings available.
You can buy a swing for the park for $300
Just like the benches, the name of your loved one will be etched at the top of the swing.
If you are interested in an "In Memory Of" swing see a Park and Rec. member at the concession stand.




Did you notice that there is no fence
in this picture?

Click "View" to the left and you will see there is a fence in the picture.

PhotoShop, and a lot of time.





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